Company Establishment for kickstarter

Company Establishment for kickstarter

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an online community project financing tool. At Stenford University, for example, he became a curriculum.

Everyone who has a good idea, a good new project idea, can present your plan or idea on the site, and so you can make offers and donations for a specific time and money.

The idea could be anything,

through art, technological innovations, to the rolling snowball, anything that will win the liking of people.


How to register for Kickstarter?

Only companies can register on this site.

If we want to make a dream job, we must first become a company owner.

Since Kickstarter Hungarian companies can not start, so they can not register, so Hungarian people

they have virtually no chance of participating in online project financing. In turn,

In the case of an English company, they can start their plans, their dreams, through implementation without any further problems!


What is needed for it?

We need an English company to register for Kickstarter and start our dreams.

An English company needs a simple form to fill out. It is necessary to determine when the English Ltd is established, who is the owner and who is the director. Both of them may be owners of a person. The owner is responsible for the size of his shares while the director is responsible for all his assets.


How much is it?

Use of the site is free of charge, however, if the project reaches the specified amount within the appropriate time, then Kickstarter will be charged a 5% commission fee.

For the purpose of registering for a kickstarter without a director, the fee for the foundation of our company (Founding a Kickstarter) is £ 1260.


This includes:

Skype Consultation, Selecting a Name, Directori Position to Sign Up for Kickstarter, Unlimited Owner, Persons with Significant Control (PSC), Online Founding Company, Founding Company Founding, Founding Documents pdf, £ 100.- Pound Capital, Searching for SIC Codes, Back registration, Send notification on return dates, Headquarters for 1 year in Lingfield, Goverment Gateway Registration, Corporation Tax Registration, UTR Number, Webfiling Code, Initial Directory, Self Assessment Registration (for new directors), Director Correspondence Address, English bank account opening to the company, Annual Account Declaration, CT600 Declaration, Confirmation Statement Declaration, Directori Self Assessment Declaration


Where are the funds collected?

The ujonan founded our company’s bank account.

In order for our new English company to have a bank account at all, we have to go to England at a pre-arranged time in the bank, and after about 1-1.5 hours of questioning we will open the bank account of our new English company about two weeks later.

You can then sign up for the Kickstarter site.


Bank Account Opening:

A bank account for an English company in England is always opened to the name of the Director. This means that the name of the company on the corporate debit card will not be called, but the name of the director with the distinction that it will be named Business.

So, personal presence is required in England, for corporate bank account opening. Furthermore, it is necessary that the directory has English address.

Click here to get an English address for your home address, postal administration (ordering postal service for English address)


Do I need postal service at home?
Do you have to travel to England to open a bank account?

And if that is too heavy for me?

And if I can not get out?

And if I can not take the position of director?


In line with the needs of our customers, we have launched our Directory service, which in this case develops as follows:

1. You are ordering your English company.

2. We reconcile the information provided. At the form Enter the: “Directori service I use”

3. We take the appointment of the company’s director (because we have an English title and we can do all the necessary requirements for opening a corporate bank account.)

!!! But only for the time that the registration is done on the site and they will not send us a certificate. After the certificate has been sent, the orderer (or who is authorized to do so) must have the appointment of the director from us!

4. We open the bank account for the company and transfer all documents related to the bank account (access codes for the online interface etc.)

5. We pass the company. Approximately 1 month from the date of establishment until we open the English bank account for the company. Then you can register for the Kickstarter, which is again about 1 month. Including possible slip times, up to a maximum of 3 months from the date of establishment of the company, we will hand over the company to the customer who needs it! In fact,

We only undertake the position of the Director to provide our customers with Kickstarter.

Here is a live example in this article:


Fill out the following form to start a business without Director:




  • Submit

To continue the order, click on the “Client Gate” (right side in the menu) link to register an account with your own details. You can choose the selected company creation folder in your finished account by clicking on the “Shop” button in the header (top left) and then selecting your order by choosing the following payment options:


– PayPal > (Steps: Selecting package) > Payment (green button) > PayPal > Order (Blue button) > Log in to your PayPal account

– With PayPal > (Steps: Selecting package) > Order (Blue Button) > Payment With Credit Card option to choose (Credit Card)

– By bank transfer > (Steps: Selecting package) > Payment (green button) > (Select payment method) Mail in Payment > Order (Blue button) must be selected.


with these steps you can settle your order for Simfalogic Corporation.


As soon as the payment arrives, we will send you a confirmation email to check the correct filling in the form. As soon as you have received the confirmation email of your data that you have provided, we will start the company start-up process and provide you information about any further steps.