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Self Assessment Tax return

The following persons are required to submit a Self Assessment Declaration:

– who have earned 2500 pounds or more of taxable income, for example: real estate leasing
– whose income from savings or investment exceeded £ 10,000,
– whose income from share-based income exceeds £ 10,000,
– those who have made a profit from the sale of things such as shares, second homes or other taxable assets (eg if they sell property acquired through inheritance) and capital gains tax afterwards,
He was a company director (also in LTD)(except if you were a non-profit organization such as a charity director)
– your income (or partner’s income) exceeded £ 50,000 and one of them received Child Benefit support,
– obtained taxable income from abroad,
– live abroad and have a British taxable income
– your taxable income exceeded £ 100,000
– a Trust or a registered Pension Scheme agent.


Paper by 31 October each year

Online and you have to submit this statement by 31 January of each year, and pay the tax and contribution.

(Fee for preparing and submitting a tax return: £ 120.- / occasion)


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Self Assessment Tax return

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  • 1. Az adatkezelő tájékoztatja szerződő felet, hogy a megrendelésben megadott személyes adatait szerződés teljesítése jogcímén kezeli.
    2. A személyes adatok címzettjei: a Simfalogic Corporation ügyfélkiszolgálással kapcsolatos feladatokat ellátó munkavállalói, könyvelési, adózási feladatokat ellátó munkavállalói, és adatfeldolgozói.
    3. A személyes adatok tárolásának időtartama: a szerződés megszűnését követő 5 év.
    4. A személyes adatok adatfeldolgozásra átadásra kerülnek adózás, könyvelés céljából a Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd-nek, postázás és szállítás céljából a Simfalogic Consulting Ltd-nek, a Royal Mail-nak, illetve az adott ország postájának, továbbá a megbizott futárszolgálatnak, vagyonvédelem céljából pedig a Simfalogic Corporation vagyonvédelmi megbízottjának.
    1. The Controller informs the Contractor that he / she handles the personal data given in the order as a result of the performance of the contract.
    2. Recipients of personal data: Employees, Accounting, Taxation, and Data Processors in Simfalogic Corporation Customer Service. 3. Duration of personal data storage: 5 years after termination of the contract.
    4. Personal data will be transferred for data processing for tax, accounting purposes to Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd, for mailing and shipping to Simfalogic Consulting Ltd, Royal Mail, and post office in the country, as well as for secured courier service and property protection to the Simfalogic Corporation Property Protection Officer.
    5. Information about the rights of the natural person concerned, the person who processed the data, can be found at
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(Fee for preparing and submitting a tax return: £ 120 / occasion)


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