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Regulation Against Money Laundering

Pursuant to the 2017 (“MLR 2017”) Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Money Transfer Rules, we must provide / perform digital identification / verification of the identity and address of each customer.


If we are unable to successfully complete the verification, we will ask you to verify the authenticated copies of your original documents with your identity and address to comply with the internal anti-money laundering rules. Failure to comply with requests for such documents will result in the cancellation of the services. No refunds can be given for canceled services because the proof and address have not been verified.




Who should prove his identity and address?

We need the personal identification and address of the owners / owners of each company who own more than 25% of the shares of a particular company.


In limited cases of the Guarantee Company, we may accept the identity of the owner of the qualifying company account number (it does not require the ID of any company officer).


It is also necessary to check the documents of the persons who are not the owners of the company, but only use our business address services.


ID and address verification is requested from anyone who buys our products:


Any Company Start-up Package

Share / Transfer Transfer

the appointment and removal of the Director / Secretary, and

name change.



Acceptable forms of ID and address verification

Customers residing in the UK will process their data through our online identification process, provided that we can complete this online ID verification and do not need to certify a certified copy of the ID or address documents by email or post road.


Residents of the United Kingdom who do not meet the online identification procedure or any non-UK resident must provide a certified ID and proof of address by email or post:


Proof of identity


Driving License (photo card only, UK paperless license accepted)

National ID card

HM Forces ID card

Student ID (must be current)

Employment card

Public Service Persons ID: Emergency, Police, Fire Department, Customs, Finance, Tax Office



Verify address

Last 3 Months Statement Required:


HM Revenue and Customs Code Coding (Preferred)

Phone number – except mobile bill

Gas, Water, Electricity Account

Mortgage Statement

Tax Return

Bank account statement

TV license

All documents must be in English or have an official translation.


Certified Identification Procedures

Certified identity documents are subject to specific requirements, depending on where the persons to be certified are located.




  1. a) Residents of the UK and the EU

Proof of proof and address documents must be certified by one of the following persons or institutions, who is not the relative or acquaintance of the applicant:


The post office

Civil servant

Minister of Religion


Chartered accountant

Lawyer or notary

Teacher or instructor



  1. b) residents outside the EU

Certification of the certificate and address must be certified by a notary.




Specific wording on the certification of documents

All certified documents must provide the following statement: “I certify that the original is the same”.


Documents must be dated by the certifier and printed on the documents, describing their name, address and occupation.




Sending certified documents

1) Email (preferably)


You can send scanned copies of certified documents by e-mail to and confirm receipt of documents by replying to the e-mail you send.




2) By post


If you are unable to send the scanned copies of your documents, we accept them by post. The document should be sent to:


Responsibility Department

Simfalogic Corporation

Unit 13-14, Long Acres Park

Newchapel Road

Lingfield, Surrey



United Kingdom