We present our tender monitoring and tender writing services for Hungarian companies with Hungarian headquarters or companies with English headquarters for English businesses:


• Finding applications available from the European Union and from the Hungarian and English states
• Pre-qualification for the selected application
• In case of positive pre-qualification: complete writing, compilation and submission of the application in the on-line application management system
• Monitoring the lifecycle of the application: managing the deficiencies in the evaluation phase, keeping in touch with the Managing Authority
• Positive support decision: Assistance for entry into force of the Grant Contract or Document
• Preparation and submission of the financial accounts required to draw up the grant amount awarded
• Comprehensive project management for the smooth implementation of the winning project

In all cases, applications are post-funded applications, ie the applicant company has to pay for itself first, then the grant is paid in one amount after the submission and verification of the accounts. It is possible to apply for an advance, which according to the current legislation can be up to 25% of the awarded amount. The remaining 75% will be disbursed afterwards, after the project has been completed and the settlement checked.

Our salary consists of a fixed fee and a success fee:

Fixed fee: 300,000 HUF, due before the submission of the application, when we complete the application.
Success Fee: 3% of the grant awarded, which is due after the evaluation of the application, upon delivery of the support decision.
In any case, the fixed fee must be paid, but the success fee is invoiced only in case of a winning tender.


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