NI Number

NI Number

The NI number is the second most important step in our life in England. This is English (translated to TB)

If this number is not available, then we cannot even work or start an individual business.

Way to Get NI Number:


  • You need an English address. If this is not available, you can order it at:
  • English Phone Number (this may also be an English prepaid card).
  • Call the National Insurance number application line
  • the questions asked should be answered. A letter will be sent to our English address giving you an address and a date to go to personally. We need to get our identification documents and a letter received by post.
  • You should usually go to Brighton or London for an interview.
  • maybe 10 minutes, but it might take an hour for the interview. During the interview, they take the documents off the photocopy. The data is also run on the police and Interpol databases.
  • After a successful interview, they give you a temporary NI number that can be used to work. Within two weeks, a letter confirming the NI Number replacing the temporary ni number will be sent to the UK address.


We can help you in preparing to the NI interview. Fee: £ 50.

During the interview, we can provide an interpreter. Fee: £ 20 / hour (with exit)

The UK is waiting for you! – request an NI interview appointment

and ask our help for any financial issues. We are looking forward to contacting you as soon as possible!


Phone: +44 (0) 140 – 337 – 2912;  +44 (0) 7550 – 14 – 1337


Skype: Symfalogic Corporation

To start and order an NI interview, please fill out the form below:


Requesting an NI Number form

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To continue the order, click on the “Client Gate” (right side in the menu) link to register an account with your own details. You can choose the selected company creation folder in your finished account by clicking on the “Shop” button in the header (top left) and then selecting your order by choosing the following payment options:


– PayPal > (Steps: Selecting package) > Payment (green button) > PayPal > Order (Blue button) > Log in to your PayPal account

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– By bank transfer > (Steps: Selecting package) > Payment (green button) > (Select payment method) Mail in Payment > Order (Blue button) must be selected.


with these steps you can settle your order for Symfalogic Corporation.


As soon as the payment arrives, we will send you a confirmation email to check the correct filling in the form. As soon as you have received the confirmation email of your data that you have provided, we will start the company start-up process and provide you information about any further steps.