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Working in England

May 1, 2004 Hungary does not regulate the right of Hungarians to work with the accession of Hungary to the EU.

(This does not mean you will not be after Brexit now)

This means that anyone can work in England, only a few important things to consider:

  • Travel out

Departure can be by car or airplane

The car is about 2000 km away and can be reached by car in 2 days.

On the island either on the Channel or on a ferry departing every hour

can get through.

The EURO TUNNEL website is here

The ferry’s website is here

The cost of the two-day trip is about 150 – 200,000 HUF depending on the crossing

we answer the tunnel or the ferry.

We have a simpler flight by plane because we get off in Hungary,

After 2.5 hours we will land in England.

You can book flights from Hungary to England here at

or the KAYAK.CO.UK flight reservation site in England here




– Wizz Air Airline website here

– Norwegian Airline website here

– Easy jet Airline website here

Airports in England Receiving Airplanes from Hungary:

– Luton airport

– Gatwick airport

– Stansted airport

Airport transfer service is available here

  • Accommodation

  • Working

First of all, it is indispensable to apply for the English tb number for work (NI number)

you can’t work without it.

That is to say, more precisely where possible, but only for up to 2 weeks. So it must be.

By clicking on this link in the NI number request we can help you: Request NI number

– Bank account opening

Following our request for the NI number, you will need to apply for a bank account so that you can transfer the payment.

To open a bank account, we can help you by clicking on the following:

Bank account opening

– Job search

Once you have an NI number and you have a bank account, you can start

looking for work. Starting a job search for large shopping malls

it is worth to visit because there is always a recording there.

Major Shopping Centers, Supermarkets in England:

(including but not limited to)

– Asda’s website here

– Tesco’s website here

– Sainsbury’s website here

– Harrods website here

– Staples website here

– Iceland’s homepage here

– Morrisons website here

– Ikea’s website here

– Aldi’s website here

– Homebase Website here

– Lidl’s website here

or we are also looking for employees

To view a specific job offer, please click on the following link: Job offers