Bookkeeper Exchange and Registered Office Services order

Bookkeeper Exchange and Registered Office Services order

Bookkeeper Exchange and Registered Office Services order

Simfalogic Corporation Könyvelő váltás Székhelyszolgáltatással

You can also take advantage of our special offer!

In the case of a bookkeeper exchange, if the company’s head office is transmitted to us, we provide the Registered Offoce Services for a given year * free of charge!

(so that the shift does not involve extra costs)


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Bookkeeper Exchange and Registered Office Services order

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  • Select Registered Office Services

  • Customer:

  • Accounting company as agent:

  • Name: Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd
    Registered Office:Unit 13, Long Acres Park, Newchapel road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6LE, United Kingdom
    Company Number: 09314350
    Phone: +44 (0) 140-358-18-52; +44 (0) 134-252-3133; UK- Mobile: +44 (0) 7550-51-4479
    E-mail address: info@simfalogic.accountant & angolkonyveles@gmail.com Skype name: Simfalogic Corporation
    Internet: https://simfalogic.accountant & https://angolkonyveles.co.uk
    Represents: Mr. Gabor Nemeth Chief Executive Officer - Chief Accountant as a company entrusted with carrying out the accounting work listed below (hereinafter: Accountant),
    On the other hand:
  • Contracting Entity (hereinafter: Customer),

  • on the subject and under the following subject: The subject of the contract

  • A, The Client orders Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Accountant) to provide bookkeeping services in accordance with current English legislation.

    B, Commitment

  • accounting documents, documents, and processing after the date of the commitment. In view of the interim / year-end takeover, the status is deemed accepted by the Accounting Officer on the basis of the submitted ledger statement and the contents of the declaration are not accepted.

    C, During the bookkeeping work, both parties understand the following tasks:

    1, Accounting Material Received from Customer (Inbound Outbound Accounts, Bank Material, Money Order, Other Merchandise Documentation and Processing)
    2, Analytical and Ledger Inventory of Fixed Assets
    3, Inventory - Accounting in the manner prescribed by the Client's Accounting Policy as required, based on the Analytical Record of the Client;
    4, Record of financial assets, receivables, equity and liabilities
    5, Continuous management of cost (expense) and profit accounts
    6, List of analytical records required to run the analytical accounts belonging to the general ledger system, an integral part thereof;
    7, Determining the business outcome.
    8, Annual Report and the preparation of the current tax returns by deadline.
    9, Timely compilation of tax returns based on accounting numbers required by law on taxation;

    D, The subject of the contract is not the normal operation of the Client, including:

    1, Compliance with the lawfulness of the operation of the Customer; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    2, Financial and financial management of the Client (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    3. Conclusion of contracts, obtaining performance certificates; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    4. Any modification or modification of the contents of any content contained in the contract, industrial, commercial and operating license, lease contract, contractual operating document, compliance with the content and form of their contents; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    5. The notification to the authorities of data contained in contracts concluded by the Client with his or her contract, contract or contract, for which a notification obligation is required or a change in a legal entity shall subsequently require notification (such as the identity of the owners, the affiliated companies transactions, etc.) (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    6. Content and form of contacts with third parties (eg partners, owners, employees, etc.) (if necessary as part of a separate agreement)
    7. The assessment of the affiliated business status with the Client and any other such connection as a consequence of which a registration, notification or settlement procedure may or may not take place and the fulfillment of such records, notification and settlement tasks (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    8. Developing and applying fee and pricing (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    9. Making commercial plans, pre- and post-calculations; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    10. Observe employer's rights and obligations (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    11. Voluntary Pension Fund Announcement for New Entry Workers; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    12. Meeting administrative tasks, licensing and reporting obligations for vocational school teachers (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    13. Distribution and use of membership and entrepreneurial income; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    14. Ordinance of foreign and domestic missions, issuance of prescriptions, settlement of accounts receivable and settlement of accounts, preparation of travel reports; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    15. Definition of the principles, procedures and dates to be included in the accounting policy of the Customer (if this is a separate agreement if necessary)
    16. Completion of inventory tasks (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    17. Management of the Analytical Inventory of the Customer (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    18. Recording and reporting of mediated services; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    19. In concluding the Client's debts and obligations with the parties concerned (buyer, supplier, creditors), the dispatch of the conciliation letters and the substantive administration of possible deviations from the account and the customer and the buyers and suppliers. (For this, the Accountant provides all taxation and accounting information to the Client.) (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    20. Handling of Client's cash reserves, provision above his bank accounts; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    21. Continuous registration of funds (pounds) (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    22. Monitoring cash-flow boundaries (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    23. Monitoring the cash reserve set in the Treasury Rules; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    24. Monitoring the amount of accounts with the same subject (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    25. Registration of forms (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    26. Repair and correction of incorrectly completed, incomplete invoices, supporting documents; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    27. Driving driving passes and car registrations (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    28. Organizing and archiving documents, outside the accounting system; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    29. Translation into Hungarian of certificates (invoices, contracts, etc.) issued in a foreign language, and the content control of the translation (if necessary, this is part of a separate agreement)
    30. Notification to a foreign (non-English) tax authority, the relationship (refunds); (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    31. Confirmation of the tax number of foreign taxpayers (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    32. Collect information about the existence, business management, activity of your business (eg tax number suspension, winding up, etc.), gathering information on the truthfulness and reliability of your data (if this is part of a separate agreement)
    33. Ensuring and verifying the necessary supporting documents for the export-import and intra-Community transactions (transport document, CMR, origin document, etc.) (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    34. Management of the analyticals related to the establishment of the environmental product fee and the keeping of records of other fees and taxes that form the basis or may form part of an official procedure, control (if necessary part of a separate agreement)
    35. Provide data for statistical purposes that can not be extracted from the bookkeeping; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    36. Compilation of the documentation necessary for the submission of grants, applications, preparation and participation of related audits; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    37. Preparation of the employee's self-assesment income tax for the employees of the Customer, the acquaintances belonging to the Buyer of the Client; (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    38. Any declaration made by an authority, office, agency or any third party (if this is a separate agreement if necessary)
    39. Monitor the threshold of cash payments per transaction. (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    40. Monitoring of the daily closing stock of the bank account (if necessary, this is part of separate agreement)
    41. The Client's work, wages and insurance cases, monthly returns, shall be governed by the "Addendum" attached to this contract.

    E, General ledger bookkeeping and related records Contracting Parties agree to:

    1. General ledger bookkeeping is performed on a computer according to the Accountant's own computer program, where the Accountant applies its own Unified Accounts, updated to the Customer's request.
    2. Accounting Policy, Accounting, Accounting, Accounting Policies, Accounting Policies, Accounting Policies, Accounting Policies, Accounting Policies, Accounting Policies, Accounting Policies, Accounts, etc. (together with regulations) which are prepared and updated by the customer. The Accountant may not deviate from the rules contained in these policies. (if necessary, this is part of a separate agreement)

    F, The course of cooperation:

    1. At the commencement of the co-operation, the Client shall provide the Accountant with the documents relating to the foundation, registration, registration, tax and insurance status of the company, as well as its live bank account and credit agreements (if not by the accountant's associate, Simfalogic Consulting Ltd). In addition, the Client submits the basic accounting documents required for receipt of the account
    2. The f1. the Customer shall change the contents of the documents indicated in this section within 5 days of receiving notice to the Accountant.
    3. Data processing and accounting should be fully ensured by providing supporting documents in the first step. Accountants (Inbound Accounts, Outgoing Invoices, Bank Exceptions, Funds Receipts, Labor Registers, Presence Bills, Other Accounts to be Recorded) must be delivered to the Accountant on a monthly basis, up to 5 months.
    4. Completeness and the completeness of supporting documents is the responsibility of the Customer
    5. The Accountant shall take into account only the information documented in writing and accompanied by appropriate documentation. If you encounter improper, unambiguous proofs during processing, you must warn the Customer.
    6. The general ledger extract containing the recorded economic events shall be prepared by the end of the month following the reference month
    7. The Accountant shall submit the report and the annual and interim tax returns to the Client at the latest two working days before the deadline for the submission, at the latest, with all attachments. The Accountant shall be exempted from due observance of the deadline if the Customer has provided the necessary data and evidences late.
    8. If the Client has submitted the supporting documents or any part thereof for the tax declaration (collectively: documents) and / or the tax due, the information on the amount of the declaration and / or the amount of the payment obligation the deadline for issuing the last document followed by 2 business days.
    9. The annual accounts and the submission of tax returns to the competent bodies are the responsibility of the Accountant. The method of transmission is selected by the Accountant taking into account the circumstances and regulations
    10. The declarations and data provided by the Customer by electronic means, in accordance with item 3 of the "Supplement to the Accounting Contract" shall apply.
    11. The Client is obliged to forward a copy of the document received from each authority (notification, minutes, decision, etc.) to the Accounting Officer (if not by the accountant's affiliate Simfalogic Consulting Ltd). The Accountant for the Document 2 within the working day but before writing the deadline in writing. In the event that the Client does not forward the received document to the Accountant in a timely manner, the consequences of the delay (eg default) shall be borne by the Client.
    12. The task of organizing and depositing the recorded documents in a retrievable manner is the responsibility of the Accountant. The Accountant keeps the deposited documents of the current year until the reporting date of the current year. Subsequently, or even during the year, in accordance with the agreement with the Accountant, the Client will arrange for the removal of the documents and the obligation to keep the documents required by law is also borne by him.
    13. The Accountant shall assist with the consultation and auditing of any financial and economic organ, assisted by a mandate. (part of separate agreement)
    14. As a member of Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd, a member of Simfalogic Corporation, the customer can provide financial counseling through its affiliates on taxation or economic matters related to complete business or activity. The Form of Accounting Issues

    On the one hand, telephone conversations within the official working hours of the Accountant, at a pre-agreed date, personal consultations, written questions to be asked in writing, and / or resolution from the authorities. In the course of the consultation, the Accountant is obliged to inform the Client, if possible, in the issues raised, and is obliged to draw the Customer's attention to the foreseeable consequences of the matter.
    On the other hand, Simfalogic Corporation is the primary goal of building and developing businesses, and therefore offers every possible opportunity to its customers or Club members. By joining the Simfalogic Club, you can build business relationships, provide direct access to other members of Simfalogic Company, and get access to corporate benefits and opportunities through members of the Club.
    15. The Accountant may not go beyond the description of the possibilities, and the decision of the Client shall always be the responsibility of the Customer, and the consequences thereof shall be fully borne by the Customer.

    G, Accountant may refuse performance of contract if

    1, the Customer's own service is delayed in the meantime until the delay is completed;
    2, due to the significant deterioration of the Buyer's assets in the meantime, the reimbursement (payment) is endangered;
    3. The counterparty has unpaid debt due to the lack of financial collateral.

    H, Keeping in touch

    1. As regards the change of representation, the Parties shall inform each other without delay, in writing
    2. The Accountant shall issue the voucher received for processing and the processed data only to the representatives of the Customer, as stipulated in this contract, and shall keep the contact with them.
    3. The Principal shall appoint the following persons for the purposes of liaising with the Principal: Director, secretary (female), principal, transfer of basic documents, return of basic documents, Managing Director (s), Business Manager (s) complete insight, declarations, report signatures
  • 4. In the case of any third party, the Accountant shall be bound by the obligation of confidentiality with respect to any data of the Customer, unless otherwise provided by law.
    5. The owners, senior executives and their authorized representatives in the articles of association of the Client and the Customer's valid and effective company agreement and founding documents shall have the right to inspect the account at the time of the Client's reception of the Accountant's office, after proof of their personality.
    6. Regarding third parties, the Accountant shall be bound by confidentiality obligations with regard to any details of the Customer and any information of private individuals and companies with any contractual relationship with the Client, unless otherwise provided by law. The obligation of secrecy implies that the Accountant does not disclose the information or information available to him or any third party and does not execute a transaction for which the Customer does not request.
    7. The Accountant shall be exempted from the obligation by the simultaneous written provision of the Client or by a Criminal Investigative Service, a search order by the Court on a Customer, and compliance with the Money Laundering Act and the Government Decree.
    8. By signing this Agreement, the Client as the Accountant agrees that Simfalogic Corporation and its affiliates will contact you via email for their marketing offers and inform them about any incoming events. On its reference list (business scope). In case of inclusion on any other list, the parties request written permission from each other.

    I, Responsibility Questions

    1. All Delays in Delivering Certificates Over Time are Customer Responsibilities, Dangers and Damages.
    2. The Accountant shall not assume any responsibility for the contents of documents, documents, and for the authenticity of the economic events behind them, provided that the Customer does not undertake any investigation or verification of the authenticity of the delivery.
    3. The Client is obliged to pay damages or additional costs arising from his or her personal delays or mistakes, in accordance with a separate agreement or calculation.
    4. The accounting officer assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the bookkeeping, the consistency of the records kept by the Accountant, and the accurate, timely preparation of the declarations and reports.
    5. The debtor is liable to the Accountant for damages resulting from a defect in data processing.
    6. The Accountant shall reimburse the damages arising exclusively from his or her fault and delay.
    7. The Accountant shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the fact that the information, data and supporting documents provided by the Customer are not accurate and incorrect, incorrect or inadequate to the Accountant.
    8. The Accountant shall be obliged to override and correct any errors or omissions within 5 working days of its discovery if the claim was legitimate.
    9. The Accountant may refuse the entry of items that he / she believes are not sufficiently substantiated (such as a contract, etc.). If the Client otherwise finds this, the Accountant shall record the accounts of these items either by reference to the account to be entered into by the Client, on the basis of a written instruction in a given account.
    10. The Accountant may request a "Completeness Statement" from the Customer for the compilation of the annual report.
    11. The Accountant shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the fact that the information, data and supporting documents provided by the Customer are not in the correctness and in accordance with the regulations, have been incorrect or have not been entered into the Accountant at the right time.

    J, Warranties

    1. The Accountant shall ensure that the work carried out from the data, information and documents complies with the applicable legal regulations, provides a suitable basis for further processing.
    2. The Accountant shall ensure that he has the permissions or qualifications required by law.
  • K, Payment

    1. The accountant for the performance of the tasks undertaken in the present contract shall, from the day of the selection of the corresponding accounting package, receive the basic fee for the given level and other fees (invoices, payroll fees, if not in the selected package) until the 15th of the month following the subject matter, we will pay it by wire transfer (or by the deadline indicated on the invoice).
    2. If, owing to the customer's fault or delays, the accountant has to modify a return by self-check, its fee is 200 pounds per piece of self-check.
    3. The tariffs of services other than k / 1 shall be agreed by the parties on an occasional basis. The preparation of accounting tasks and the preparation of other business plans, loan requests, tenders, certificates, etc. are not part of this contract, so our affiliates Simfalogic Consulting Ltd and Simfalogic Solutions Ltd deal with them in these areas to be bound
    4. Failure to pay two monthly fees on the part of the customer may result in immediate termination of the contract, and for this period the accountancy service is not obliged to provide. (already at the second month lag)
    5. We charge a separate fee for documents requiring audit.

    L, Payment Performance

    The customer's obligation to pay a Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd
    Barclay's Bank
    Sort Code: 20-23-98
    Account Number: 43932575
    Swift Code: BARCGB22
    IBAN Code: GB44 BARC 2023 9843 9325 75

    or through our parent company, Simfalogic Corporation by PayPal or by reference to the Lloyds Bank
    Sort Code: 30-92-38
    Account Number: 44261568
    Bic Code: LOYDGB21162
    IBAN: GB98 LOYD 3092 3844 2615 68
    your account.

    M, Contract Scope

    1. This contract is concluded with the parties' unanimous will, after signing or confirmation of both sides, is created for the payer company or business, ie a book tax year. Thus, the book keeping contract is concluded by the parties to the accounting year of the contracting company. in parallel with the validity of the contract, the contract with the same subject already existing between the parties will be void 2. The parties may terminate this contract on any part of a period of one month, with a written declaration only. In the case of a yearly termination, part of the basic bookkeeping balance paid in advance for one year will not be refunded.

      3. In the event of termination at year-end, the preparation of the annual accounts under the terms of this contract shall be the responsibility of the accountant.

      4. The contract shall also be terminated with the commencement date of the customer, as the company's winding-up or winding-up proceedings. In these cases, the accountant is obliged to draw up the termination at the end of the activity and submit it to the liquidator or the liquidator in support of an analysis in accordance with statutory regulations. If the liquidator or the liquidator continues to use the services of the trustee, the parties will re-enter into a contract.
  • N, Closing Order

    1. This Agreement may only be amended or supplemented by mutual agreement by the Parties in a form signed solely by their representatives in writing, as indicated above.
    2. Issues not covered by this Agreement shall be governed by the provisions of the United Kingdom Civil Code.
    3. The contract was written both in Hungarian and in English, if the translation would result in a difference in interpretation in all cases, the Hungarian text will prevail.
    4. The parties to the contract have readily signed and interpreted their wishes in the same way as they agreed to.
    5. This Agreement shall be valid for the purposes of the online Agreement only with the acknowledgment of
    Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd or Simfalogic Corporation . Confirmation may be in PDF or Word format by sending an email or by signing a contract signed in the accountant's office personally.
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