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Accounting Contract for Operating Businesses

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Accounting Contract for Operating Companies

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  • Customer:

  • Accounting company as trustee:

  • Name: Symfalogic Corporation
    Headquarters: Unit 13-14, Long Acres Park, Newchapel Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6LE, United Kingdom
    Company Number: 08531523
    Phone: +44 (0) 140-337-2912 Fax: +44 (0) 134-252-3133 UK-Mobile: +44 (0) 7550-51-4479 &   +44 (0) 7550-14-1337
    Internet: & &
    Email Address: & &
    Skype Name: Symfalogic Corporation
    Represents: Mr. Gabor Nemeth Director - Chief Accountant as a company responsible for carrying out the accounting work listed below (hereinafter "Accountant"),
    On the other hand:
  • Contracting Company (hereinafter: Customer),

  • subject matter: Subject of the contract

  • C, Customer Assigns Symfalogic Corportion Ltd ("Accountant") to Accounting Services, in accordance with applicable English law.

    D,) Commitment
  • means the processing of accounting documents, vouchers and documents generated after the day of the commitment. Considering the mid-year / end-of-year receipt, it considers the state of the report to be accepted on the basis of the submitted ledger statement and the Accountant is not responsible for its content.

    E,) During accounting work, both parties understand the following tasks:

    1, Accounting material received from the client (incoming / outgoing invoices, banking, cash, other mixed documents) |
    2, Analytical and General Ledger Account of Fixed Assets
    3, General ledger accounting of inventories as required by the Customer's accounting policy, if necessary, based on the Customer's analytical records;
    4, General ledger of financial assets, receivables, equity and liabilities.
    5, Continuous management of cost and expense accounts
    6, Conducting analytical records required by the general ledger system as an integral part of the analytical records;
    7, Determine the results of the enterprise.
    8, Preparation of the annual report and the current tax returns.
    9, timely compilation of tax returns based on accounting numbers required by tax laws;

    F,), The subject of the contract is not the regular operation of the Customer, including:

    1, Compliance with the lawfulness rules of the Customer; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    2, Customer's financial management (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    3. Conclusion of contracts, acquisition of performance certificates; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    4. Any assessment, compliance with the content of the contents of the company contract, industrial, commercial and operating license, changes to the content and form of the lease, contractual operation document, initiation of changes; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    5. Notification of information to the authorities in the Customer's documents, company data, contract, concluded contracts for which there is a reporting obligation, or a change in the law that requires subsequent notification (such as the identity of the owners, affiliated companies) transactions, etc.) (as part of a separate agreement if necessary)
    6. Content and form of relationships with third parties (eg partners, owners, employees, etc.) (part of separate agreement if applicable)
    7. The assessment of the affiliate status with the Customer and the assessment of any relationship resulting in, or resulting from, any registration, filing, settlement procedure, and the performance of such accounting, reporting and settlement tasks. (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    8. Establishing and applying pricing and pricing (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    9. Preparation of commercial plans, pre- and post-calculations; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    10. Compliance with Employers' Rights and Obligations (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    11. Notification of the voluntary pension fund for newly arrived workers; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    12. Compliance with administrative duties, licensing and reporting obligations for apprentices (as part of a separate agreement if necessary)
    13. Distribution and use of member and entrepreneurial income; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    14. Ordering of foreign and domestic missions, issuing of prescriptions, clearing with accountable supplies or accounting, preparation of travel reports; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    15. Definition of Principles, Procedures and Time Points to be Determined in Accounting Policies Required by the Customer (this is part of a separate agreement if necessary)
    16. Carrying out inventory tasks (if necessary, part of separate agreement)
    | 17. Managing the Customer's analytical inventory (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    18. Recording of mediated services and listing them; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    19. During the reconciliation of the Customer's claims and obligations with the relevant parties (buyer, supplier, creditors), the dispatching of the correspondence letters and the possible administration of the Customer and its customers and suppliers, but not of the accounting, are materially handled. (For this Customer, the Accountant provides all tax and accounting information.) (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    20. Managing the Customer's cash, disposing of its bank accounts; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    21. Continuous registration of funds (pounds) (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    22. Monitoring of cash-related amounts (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    23. Monitoring the funds set in the treasury management regulations; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    24. Monitor the amount of accounts for the same subject (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    25. Registration of forms (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    | 26. Repair and correction of defective, incomplete invoices and documents; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    27. Keeping driving records and vehicle records (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    28. Systematization and archiving of documents outside the accounting system; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    29. Translation of documents (invoices, contracts, etc.) issued in foreign languages into Hungarian and checking of the contents of the translation (separate part of the agreement if necessary)
    30. Notification to the foreign (non-England) tax authority, with contact (refunds); (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    31. Confirmation of foreign taxpayers' tax number (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    | 32. Collection of information on the existence of business partners, the management of their business, the limitation of their activities (eg suspension of tax number, liquidation, etc.), the authenticity of their data, their reliability (this is part of a separate agreement if necessary)
    33. Provision and verification of export-import and intra-community transactions for the necessary marginal margins (transport document, CMR, document of origin, etc.) (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    34. Conducting analytics for the determination of the environmental product charge, and keeping records of other fees and taxes that form the basis of, or may constitute, an official procedure or control (this is part of a separate agreement if necessary)
    35. Providing data for statistical purposes that cannot be obtained from accounting; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    36. Compilation of documentation required for submitting grants, tenders, preparation of related audits, participation in them; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    37. Preparation of the self-assesment income tax return of the employees working for the Customer, the acquaintances belonging to the client's circle of owners, private persons; (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    38. Any declaration made to a third party - official, agency or any third party - as part of a separate agreement, if necessary |
    39. Monitor cash thresholds for transactions by transaction. (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    40. Monitor the daily closing stock of the cashier's home (part of separate agreement if necessary)
    41. The Customer's employment, wage and insurance affairs, monthly returns, and the "Supplement" contained in the annex to this contract shall prevail.

    G,) Maintaining General ledger accounting and related records Contracting Parties agree:

    1. The general ledger accounting is done on a computer by the Accountant's own computer program, where the Accountant applies its own uniform billing system, updated according to the Customer's requirements.
    2. The General Ledger Accounting shall be based on all Accounting Policies, Accounting Schedules, and other Accounting Policies, including Accounting Decisions, that are attached to this contract by a decision maker authorized by the Customer. (together policies) whose preparation and updating is the responsibility of the Customer. The Accountant shall not depart from the rules in the processing of documents. (part of separate agreement if necessary)

    H,) The process of cooperation:

    1. At the commencement of co-operation, the Customer shall make available to the Accountant for inspection (if not the accountant's affiliated company) documents related to the establishment, court registration, tax authority and insurance status of the company, as well as live bank account and credit agreements. In addition, the Customer shall provide the basic accounting documents required for the receipt of the accounts
    2. The Customer shall make the change in the content of the documents referred to in point within 5 days of the date of the Accounting.
    3. The completeness of data processing and bookkeeping must be ensured in the first step by providing the documents. The Accounting Materials (incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, bank statements, cash receipts, labor records, attendance sheets, other accountable documents) must be delivered to the accountant by the Client on a monthly basis until the 5th of the month.
    4. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the completeness and completeness of the documents
    5. The Accountant takes into account only the data documented in writing and with the appropriate documentary evidence. If he / she meets unambiguous documents at the time of processing, he / she must warn the Customer about this.
    6. The ledger extract containing the recorded economic events will be completed by the end of the month following the reference month.
    7. The Accountant shall submit the report and the annual and interim tax returns to the Customer at the latest 2 working days prior to the deadline for submission, together with all annexes. The Accountant shall be released from the deadline if the Customer has submitted the necessary data and documents late.
    8. If, after the deadline specified in this contract, the Customer has provided the documents, or parts thereof, necessary for the establishment of the report, the tax return (together: documents) and / or the tax payable, information on the amount of preparation of the statement and / or the obligation to pay the deadline for issuing the last document 2 business days after.
    9. It is the Accountant's responsibility to forward the annual report and tax returns to the competent bodies. The method of transmission is chosen by the Accountant in accordance with the circumstances and regulations
    10. The Customer's electronic declarations and data services to be executed electronically shall be governed by point 3 of the Supplement to the Accounting Agreement.
    11. The Customer is obliged to forward to the Accountant a copy of the document (notification, minutes, decision, etc.) received from each authority immediately, ie on the business day following receipt, (if not the accountancy partner of the accountant carries out its seat). will make its comments in writing before the deadline set in the document. In the event that the Customer does not forward the received document to the Accountant in time, the consequences of the delay (eg default penalty) shall be borne by the Customer.
    12. It is the Accountant's responsibility to organize and deposit the recorded documents in a retrievable manner. The Accountant shall keep the deposited documents of the current year no later than the preparation of the annual report. Subsequently, or even during the year, in consultation with the Accountant, the Customer shall ensure the delivery of the vouchers and shall also bear the obligation to retain the document required by law.
    13. The Accounting Officer, on the basis of a mandate, shall assist in the coordination of any financial or economic body's audit or audit. (part of separate agreement)
    14. Additional points may be found in the “Booklet Information” part of this agreement. (Appendix 1, which can be downloaded from the Customer Portal> Support> Downloads )
    15. As a member of Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd, Symfalogic Corporation, the customer can provide financial advice, including through affiliates, on tax or economic issues related to complete business or activities. The form of this is bookkeeping on telephone calls made during the official time of the Accountant, personal consultation at a pre-agreed time, and written answers to written questions, and / or requesting a resolution from the authorities. In the framework of the consultation, the Accountant shall inform the Client of the issues raised, as far as possible, and shall draw the Customer's attention to the foreseeable consequences of the matter.
    16. The Accountant shall not go beyond the description of the possibilities, the decision of the merchant shall always be the responsibility of the Customer, and the consequences shall be borne entirely by the Customer.

    I,) The Accountant may refuse performance of the contract if

    1, in the meantime, the Customer delays with his own service until the delay occurs;
    2, due to the significant deterioration of the Customer's property conditions in the meantime, the return service (payment) is endangered;
    3. the other party has unpaid debts due to lack of financial collateral.

    J,) Contact

    1. Regarding the change of representation, the Parties are obliged to inform each other immediately in writing
    2. The Accountant issues the documents received for processing and the processed data only to the representatives of the Customer, which are also recorded in this contract, and keeps the contact with them.
    3. The Principal shall designate the following persons for the purpose of liaising with the Principal with the described powers: Office Manager, Secretary (Female), Trustee, Transfer of Basic Documents, Return of Basic Documents, Managing Director (s), Business Manager (s), Delegate to Processed Data full insight, declarations, report signatures.
  • 4. Before the Third Person, the Accountant shall be bound by the obligation of confidentiality with respect to any data of the Customer, unless otherwise provided by law.
    5. The persons nominated by the Customer or the owners of the Customer, validly and validly in force in the Company's contract, founding act, founders, their authorized representatives, are entitled to - after verification of their persons - access to the Accounting Office's customer reception time.
    6. The Accountant shall be subject to confidentiality obligations in respect of any data of the Customer, and to the data of any private individuals and companies with any contractual relationship with the Customer, unless otherwise provided by law. The confidentiality obligation includes the fact that the Accountant does not pass on the data, information to the third party, or performs a transaction for which the Customer does not request using the data.
    7. The Accountant shall only be exempted from this obligation by the simultaneous written order of the Customer or by the criminal investigation authority, the court for the ordering of the Customer, the execution of the order or the provisions of the Money Laundering Act and Government Decree.
    8. By signing this contract, both the Customer and the Accountant agree that Symfalogic Corporation and its affiliates will contact them by email with their marketing offers and inform them of any upcoming events. Include him on your reference list (business scope). In case of inclusion in any other list, the parties request written permission from each other.

    K,) Responsibility Questions

    1. Any delay in the delivery of the documents beyond the due date is the Customer's responsibility, risk and damage.
    2. The Accountant does not assume any liability for the content of the documents, documents and documents provided by the Customer, and for the truthfulness of the economic events behind them, and does not examine the authenticity of the certificate of performance or examine it.
    3. The Customer shall be obliged to compensate for any damage or additional costs arising from his / her personal delay or error, to the extent of a separate agreement or calculation.
    4. The Accountant assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the accounting, the consistency of the records kept by the Accountant, the accurate and timely preparation of the reports.
    5. The Accounting Officer shall be liable for damages arising from a data processing failure
    6. The Accountant shall reimburse any damages arising solely from his fault or delay.
    7. The Accountant is not liable for any damages caused by the fact that the information, data and documents provided by the Customer are not true and correct, they were incorrect or were not delivered to the Accountant in due time.
    8. The Accountant is obliged to override and correct any errors or omissions within 5 working days of its discovery, if the objection was legitimate.
    9. The Accountant may refuse to book items that he / she believes are not sufficiently supported (for example, by contract, etc.). written on the invoice.
    10. The Accountant may ask the Customer for a “Completeness Declaration” for the compilation of the annual report.
    11. The Accountant shall not be liable for any damage caused by the fact that the information, data and documents provided by the Customer are not in accordance with reality and specifications, are inaccurate or have not been delivered to the Accountant in due time.

    L), Guarantees

    1. The Accountant warrants that his work on the data, information and documents he receives is in accordance with the applicable law and provides a suitable basis for further processing.
    2. The Accounting Officer warrants that he or she has the licenses or qualifications required by law.
  • M), Honorary

    1. From now on, following the selection of the appropriate accounting package, the accountant is responsible for the performance of the tasks undertaken in this contract, the basic fee for that package, or any other additional fees (which are not included in the chosen accounting package), which are made by the Client or by Direct Debit on a monthly basis. or, in the case of an annual payment, to settle the invoice by bank transfer by the due date indicated on the invoice.
    2. Only monthly debit payments can be made using Direct Debit. Customer, sends a bank certificate to the accountant's email address. The accountant certifies the conclusion of the Contract only after presentation of the bank certificate
    3. If you are using a monthly fee: An accountant should only be responsible for accounting for a given month, regardless of whether the parties contract for a full tax year.
    4. If you use a monthly fee: At the time of signing the contract, the customer is obliged to pay the monthly installments to the accountant until the end of the contract period. The monthly payment and the performance of the accounting tasks can only be started after the period elapsed.
    5. If you have a monthly fee: Once you have completed your last monthly payment for the tax year, you will be required to meet the obligations of the accountant in this contract for the entire tax year. As long as the last monthly fee for the accounting year is not settled, the accountant may refuse to prepare the year-end declarations.
    6. In case of monthly fee payment: In case of interchange of accounts, the client is obliged to inform the accountant within 3 days of the withdrawal of the Direct Debit order. Otherwise, the accountant is not obliged to complete the accounting.
    7. Failure to pay two monthly fees will result in the immediate termination of the contract and will not be required to provide the accounting service for that period. (as early as the second month back)
    8. If, as a result of the customer's fault or delay, the accountant has to modify a declaration by self-check, the fee shall be £200 / piece per self-check.
    9. Fees for services outside of k / 1 will be agreed upon separately from time to time by the parties. Preparation of accounting tasks associated with transformation, change of company form, preparation of other business plans, loan applications, tenders, trusts, etc. are not included in this contract.
    10. A separate fee will be charged for documents requiring Auditing.

    N,) Payment execution

    1. The customer's payment obligation is a Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd
    Barclay's Bank
    Sort Code: 20-23-98
    Account Number: 43932575
    Swift Code: BARCGB22
    IBAN Code: GB44 BARC 2023 9843 9325 75

    or our parent account, Symfalogic Corporation PayPal Payment or Payment,

    Lloyds Bank
    Sort Code: 30-92-38
    Account Number: 44261568
    Bic Code: LOYDGB21162
    IBAN: GB98 LOYD 3092 3844 2615 68
    to your account.
    2. Payment options:

    - Direct Debit - By bank transfer
    - PayPal payment
    - Cash

    2 / a, Cash payment is in all cases only Lingfield, Crawley, and Horsham offices are possible.
    3. In all cases, we will issue an invoice for our services, so please only pay the fee for the invoice issued.

    O,) Automation

    1. If you receive a monthly fee: The current monthly fee is automatically issued on the same day of the following month.
    1. In case of annual fee payment, after the expiration of the given contract period, the fee request for the following year will be issued automatically, so you will extend your account contract by paying the invoice for the following year. Of course, if you do not wish to extend your contract, please let us know and we will ask you for the fee.
    2. Our system will offer you to extend your bookkeeping package, or your current bookkeeping folder, or send you the bill that best matches your company's turnover.
    3. If you plan to make smaller / larger traffic in the near future, then please report it and set up one smaller / bigger book folder in your account.
    4. By signing this contract, you agree to send you a monthly letter of inquiry regarding your request for accounting material or any modification or request for data on payroll accounting.
    5. By signing this contract, you agree to send you a notice before the expiration date (Annual Account, CT600, Confirmation Statement, etc.) in which you are reminded of the expiration date.
    6. By signing this contract, you agree to send us a notification letter (s) regarding your posting.

    P,) Data Management

    1. The Contracting Parties undertake to treat any personal or other data transferred or made available in the context of this Agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Data of Public Interest and other data and confidentiality rules, and not the Agreement. its validity, validity, or its termination, as opposed to its legal relationship with the contract, without the permission of the other Party, for its own use and for the purposes of third parties, shall not be made available to third parties, nor otherwise exploited. The breaching party is liable for damage caused by violation of these obligations.

    Q,) Data management clause

    1. The Controller shall inform the Contractor that his personal data provided in the Contract are being treated as a contract performance.
    2. Recipients of personal data: Employees, Accounting, Taxation, and Data Processors in Symfalogic Corporation Customer Service.
    3. Duration of personal data storage: 5 years after the termination of the contract.
    4. Personal data will be transferred for data processing for tax and accounting purposes to the Symfalogic Corporation partner companies, Royal Mail, and the post office of the country, as well as the property guard of Symfalogic Corporation for the purpose of securing property.
    5. Information about the rights of the natural person concerned, the person who processed the data, can be found at

    R,) Data Processing

    See “General Terms and Conditions for Data Processing Activities”
    ( szabalyzat).

    S,) Confidentiality

    In view of the fact that the accountancy firm is responsible for its activities in the EU 2016/679. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Information Self-Determination and Freedom of Information are considered to be statutory data processors, and whereas, under these laws, the data processor must ensure that persons authorized to process personal data assume confidentiality obligations and are aware of the “Personal Data” Regulation. the term "personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("affected"); identifies a natural person who, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier, such as name, number, positioning data, online identifier or one or more factors relating to the physical, physiological, genetic, intellectual, economic, cultural or social identity of a natural person can be identified -

    1. Accounting firm undertakes to manage and transmit personal and company data that has come to its knowledge in the course of the work of the aforementioned client, for the sole purpose of performing his / her duties, not using it for any other purpose, not communicating it to an unauthorized person, and not submitting it to the person and does not allow unauthorized access to corporate data (it is stored securely) does not disclose personal information and does not distribute it.
    2. The customer undertakes to handle and transmit personal and company data that he / she has learned during the work of the above-mentioned agent solely for the purpose of fulfilling the tasks of the order, not using it for any other purpose, not communicating it to an unauthorized person, and not submitting it to the person or entity does not allow unauthorized access to corporate data (it is stored securely) does not disclose personal information and does not distribute it.
    3. In particular, any legal (patent, know-how, etc.) and non-proprietary (for example, business-to-business, business-to-business, business-to-business, proprietary) proprietary rights shall be deemed to be business secrets plans, presentations, works) intellectual creation, ideas, and information about the business, business relationships, services provided to and outside the Company, and information, management information, and any information and information that Businesses classify as business secrets or rightly so.
    4. Neither party shall be entitled to disclose, copy, publish, use or otherwise exploit the information that constitutes business secrets or to use it against the interests of the Companies.
    5. The Parties declare that they abstain from any conduct that would compromise the economic interests of the companies (sponsor and trustee) participating in this Agreement. The content of any internal agreement and communication (negotiation, correspondence, telephone conversation, etc.) between the principal and the trustee is treated as confidential.

    T,) Contract Effect

    1. This contract is concluded with the consensus of the parties, after signing or confirmation on both sides, for one accounting year of the contracting company or the company, ie, the Accounting Agreement is concluded by the parties for the accounting year of the contracting company.
    2. In parallel with the entry into force of this contract, the existing agreement between the parties on the same subject matter shall cease to apply
    3. The Parties may terminate this Agreement with one month's written notice only in part.
    4./1. In the event of an annual termination, the remaining part of the basic accounting fee paid for one year will not be refunded.
    4./2. In the case of a monthly fee, part of the accounting fees paid until the date of termination is not refunded at the time of the interruption.
    5. In case of monthly payment, the customer is obliged to report the termination of Direct Debit order to the accountant within 3 days. (Otherwise, the accountant is not required to complete the accounting.)
    6. In case of termination at the end of the year, preparation of the annual report under the terms of this contract is the responsibility of the accountant.
    7. The contract shall also expire with the commencement date of the customer's liquidation or liquidation proceedings. In these cases, the accountant is required to prepare the end-of-activity statement and provide it to the liquidator or the liquidator with the help of analysts complying with legal requirements. If the liquidator or the liquidator continues to use the services of the trustee, the parties conclude a contract again.
  • U,) Extraordinary Termination

    1. In case of inadequate or accurate or incomplete or temporal reporting
    2. In case of breach of contract points
    3. International Infringement
    4. Financing or participating in terrorism or other crime
    5. Absence or unavailability of a licensed activity (lack of lease, etc.)
    6. Data release or data leak
    7. Failure to inform the accountant in time
    8. Failure to transmit information
    9. In the absence of data transmission
    10. Involvement of a third party in the absence of timely reporting to the accountant
    11. In the case of a request for information from an unknown third party (except for the legitimate request of the authority)
    12. Extraordinary Termination shall result in immediate termination without notice of any notice.
    13. The residual value of the paid service charge does not return.
    14. Accounting materials (in this case) received by the date of extraordinary termination shall not be required to be closed by the accountant, nor shall they be obliged to make any declarations.
    15. In case of extraordinary termination, all financial and legal routes are excluded.

    V,) Final provision

    1. This Agreement may only be amended or supplemented in writing by the Parties in writing, in a form signed by their designated representatives, in writing.
    2. Issues not governed by this Agreement shall be governed by the provisions of the United Kingdom Civil Code.
    3. The contract has been written in several languages if the translation would cause a difference in interpretation in all cases, the Hungarian text is relevant.
    4. The agreement was signed by the parties after reading and interpreting as their will in every respect.
    5. Due to the online nature of this contract, it will become valid only upon confirmation of Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd or Symfalogic Corporation , or upon payment of a fee, so that it is authentic without signature. Confirmation can be done by sending an e-mail in PDF format, by mail, or by signing a contract in person at the accountant's office.
  • * The number of invoices is the total of Outgoing and Inbound Accounts. If the number of invoices exceeds the number specified in the folder, then all + invoices will be charged at a price of £ 0.50 per item. In case of a quantity exceeding 20 months, one must enter one larger tariff package, from which the price of the previous tariff package will be credited upwards (within one tax year).
  • Date, Signature

  • Message



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