“… Bookkeeping is always such a complicated thing! To look for an accountant and find the best, it is always so difficult!”

There are such and similar thoughts in the mind of a man when you need to look for a good accountant.

Don’t go any further! Found!


You’ve finally arrived where you can find an immediate solution to your problem!

We undertake the accounting, payroll, and tax optimization of all businesses in the UK.

If you have a business in England, we will take away the burden of accounting! A worried and troubled client is not a good customer!

For us, a satisfied and calm customer is a good customer!

And how do we achieve this?

Simplified procedure.

You sign a contract with us, always for a tax year. Then:

  • We ask for all the codes and passwords you need for your bookkeeping
  • We ask you for your accounting records
  • We look at the company’s current accounting position
  • Let’s look at how we can reclaim this tax
  • We’ll look at where to cut taxes

We will start working with these steps.


In the next step, we will create a client account so that you will only need to upload your accounting materials generated during the year from your client gateway.

We pay attention to the deadlines and we will indicate in time if we need something to submit the returns.


During our contract period (also) if you have any questions, we have the following contact details:


  • Customer Gate ( Menu Bar> New Support Ticket> Send a Message by Clicking a Link
  • Email: or and
  • Phone: H-Mobil: +36 70-550-28-04; UK-Phones: +44 (0) 140-337-29-12; UK-Mobile: +44 (0) 7550-14-13-37; or +44 (0) 7550-51-44-79
  • Skype: Symfalogic Corporation
  • Personally: Unit 14, Long Acres Park, Newchapel Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6LE, United Kingdom, after appointment.


Every month we send you a letter saying:


  • Please submit your payroll information (who, when, how much, and how much salary we need to settle for the previous month)
  • Please upload your accounting materials generated in the previous month (who and inbound invoices, bank statements, etc.)
  • Please make an appointment for Telephone, Skype or Personal Consulting (if you request)


For reconciliation purposes, we keep you informed of the deadlines for reporting:


  • When is the Confirmation Statement declaration deadline
  • When is the Annual Account Statement deadline
  • When is Corporation Tax (CT600) Due Date Deadline
  • When is the deadline for the Director Self Assessment Declaration
  • When is the VAT declaration deadline
  • When is the deadline for renewal of the Privacy Registration
  • When is the deadline for renewal of the GDPR
  • When is the beginning and the end of the tax year.


It is important for us to stay in touch with each other!

  • We need to talk at least every month / every two months, and consult to keep our up-to-date accounting up to date.
  • We need you to be aware of your company’s finances continuously. We have created our Symfalogic Kashflow service for this.


Our Symfalogic Kashflow service:


  • Monthly reports, reports
  • Balance sheet and income statement
  • Monthly Profit / Loss Tracking
  • Trial Balance
  • Weekly / Monthly Activity Report
  • Asset inventory
  • CIS Summary Report (for Construction Companies)
  • Global Project Report
  • Condition survey
  • Sales List
  • VAT payment plan
  • Full Customer Management
  • Full Client Report
  • Invoicing, Invoicing
  • Supplier Reports
  • Managing and managing a milestone table
  • Tracking your employees’ payroll data (who, when, how much, who’s left, who benefits, etc.)
  • PayPal, Wordpay, Stripe, GoCardless, Global Payments, PayOnline Payment
  • Bank Account Linking
  • Multiple currency management
  • Email option
  • CRM
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Mobile App Access
  • and much more.


Our goal is to really take the burden off your shoulder!


Use our accounting services to make real decisions in real time with real data!
It is also good for you and it is easier for us.

We’re working this way.

Current Promotion:

In the event of a change of account, if the company also moves to its headquarters,
we provide the seat service for a given year * free of charge!

(so that the switch does not involve extra costs)

An English company with one tax year has the following obligations:


  • Payroll (if you have a salary) Weekly, 2 weekly, or 4 weekly
  • VAT returns quarterly if you have VAT (VAT) registration for your company
  • Confirmation Statement
  • Annual Account
  • Corporation Tax (CT600)
  • Director Self Assessment Declaration


In chronological order, from the accounting point of view, do the following:


  • Signing a bookkeeping contract for 1 full tax year
  • Customer Gate Registration (
  • Customer Gate Registration at Symfalogic Cashflow Account (Direct Invoicing, Bank Transactions, Accounting Statements, etc.)
  • Get UTR Number (Director Self Assessment)
  • Goverment Gateway Registration (Hmrc Self Assessement – Personal Client Gate)
  • Goverment Gateway Registration (For Tax Flow Inquiry – Corporate Client Gate)
  • Corporation Tax Registration
  • Paye Registration (Employer Registration)
  • VAT Registration (If required)
  • EORI registration
  • Privacy Registration
  • Preparing Privacy Policy (GDPR)
  • MLR Registration (If required)
  • Payroll (Paye Registration)
  • VAT Declaration Quarterly (for companies with VAT registration)
  • Confirmation Statement (end of tax year)
  • Annual Account (end of tax year)
  • Corporation Tax – CT600 (end of tax year)
  • Director Self Assessment Statement (end of tax year)


Tax change dates:


  • National Minimum Wage (Minimum Minimum Wage Change for All Ages) Every Year Beginning of October
  • National Living Wage (Defining the National Minimum, 25 Minimum Hourly Wage) Every April
  • Personal Allowance (Change in Employee Income Tax Limit) Every April
  • VAT Registration Limit Changes Every Year April 1 (January 1, 2019 Ł 85,000)
  • Corporation Tax Rate Every year April 1 (it fell to 18% in 2019)


Additional Accounting and Tax Information in England,
on our dedicated website for this purpose

If your business has not yet reached the VAT limit, you will be required to view the “Accounting Start-Up” accounting price table and enter into an Accounting Agreement with Start-up Companies.

You can view our Comparative Price Table by clicking on the following link: Accounting Comparison Price Table for Starting Companies

You can start a contract by clicking on the following link: Accounting Contract for Starting Business

If your business has already reached the VAT limit, but you have not yet registered or you already have VAT registration, then you have to look at the “Accounting for Businesses” accounting price table, and you have to sign up with the Accounting Contract for Business Operations.

You can view our Comparison Chart by clicking on the following link: Accounting Comparison Chart for Businesses

You can start a contract by clicking on the following link: Accounting Contract for Working Companies