Closing company

Closing company

Before closing your business, please consider the following options:

You can even sell your English company, see our sales companies on the following link: English Companies For Sale
Think about how many years your English company had been existed. This can even benefit you from the point of view of your pension! Look for an expert before you do anything!
If you still decide to close it, (and we can’t talk about it anymore) fill out the form below:

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Verification / Ellenőrzés

To continue your order, click the “Customer Gate” (top right, in the menu) link to register an account with your information. (or, if you already have one, log in to your client account) You can select the selected service in your account (by clicking on the “Shop” button in the header, top left) and then selecting your order by choosing the following payment options:

PayPal> (Steps: Select a Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Choose Payment Method) PayPal> Order (Blue Button)> Enter your PayPal account
Credit Card> (Steps: Select Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Choose Payment Method) PayPal> Order (Blue Button)> Pay with Credit Card Option
Bank Transfer> (Steps: Select Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Choose Payment Method) Mail in Payment> Order (Blue button) option.
Use the steps above to balance your order with Simfalogic Corporation.

Once the payment arrives, we will send you a confirmation to verify if the form is correct. As soon as we have received the confirmation from you about the correctness of the data, we will start the service process and send you further information about it.