English Founding of a company with accounting

English Founding of a company with accounting

English Founding of a company with accounting

Simfalogic Corporation Angol Cégalapítás & Könyvelés

Give your company an English foundation too!

Free Company Founding and Location Service for One Year!

You only have to choose the bookings!


The UK is waiting for you! – join the English company foundation

and ask our help for any financial issues. We are looking forward to contacting you as soon as possible!


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To do so, just fill out the form below:

English Company Formation Order Form

    Choose Service level

  • Customer Data

  • New English Company Information (LTD) to be Founded

  • Future Activity of the Company to be established

  • Director's Data

  • Each company must have at least one Director. The Director is responsible for the company's activities. When opening a bank account, the name of the company is not (only) the bank card, but the name of the Director, marked "Business". So, only the Director can access the corporate bank account. This is the same case with more than one Directors.
  • Security Questions

  • Director 2 or more

  • If you only have 1 Director for the founding company, please leave the fields for Director 2 data empty
  • Security Question

  • In case of Multiple Directors

  • Secreterial Data

  • (Adding Secretary is not necessary in a Company)
  • Security Question

  • Company Owner's Data

  • Your new English company needs an owner. The owner may be either an individual or a Director, or even a foreign company or a mixture of them. The owner of the company expresses ownership of the company's shares (which cannot be listed on the stock exchange).
  • If not (only) the Director is the Owner

  • Ownership Share Data

  • The new English company to be founded has its own shares. (The owner of these shares may be a Private Person, the Director of the Company and another, even a foreign company, or possibly a combination of any.) It is necessary to determine in what numbers and in% how much ownership the company owns in the company. This is best determined by 100%.
  • Data Protection

  • 1. The Data Controller informs the Contractor that he / she handles the personal data given in the order as a result of the performance of the contract.
    2. Recipients of personal data: Employees, Accounting, Taxation, and Data Processors for Symfalogic Corporation Customer Service. 3. Duration of personal data storage: 5 years after the termination of the contract.
    4. Personal data will be transferred for data processing for tax, accounting purposes to Simfalogic Accountancy Ltd, for mailing and shipping to Simfalogic Consulting Ltd, Royal Mail, and post office in the country, as well as for secured courier service and property protection. Symfalogic Corporation Security Agent.
    5. Information on the rights of the natural person concerned, the identity of the data processors, is available at https://simfalogic.co.uk/en/adatvedelmi-szabalyzat/.
  • Payment Options

  • Message




To continue the order, click on the “Customer Gate” (right side in the menu) link to register an account with your own details. Once you have clicked the “Shop” button (in the header, in the upper left), you will be able to settle the selected storage / package management service on your completed account by PayPal or Bank transfer to Symfalogic Corporation.

As soon as the payment arrives, the service will be started and information will be sent on each additional step.

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