For the purpose of payroll accounting, the first step for companies is to register their employers, ie PAYE. As a result, the company becomes an employer and opens up the possibility of settling the salaries of employees. Usually the registration time does not last longer than three weeks. So if we want to pay / pay the employee in time, then this registration has to be started in time.

You do not have to register with PAYE for a company that does not pay more than £ 113 a week and does not receive any reimbursement or other benefits from employees. Employees do not have another job and / or receive no pension.


However, payroll must be prepared and records kept. Employees are billed for payroll or other things like:

the bonus, or the
legal sick leave or
maternity pay.
The tax and the national insurance contribution are deducted from the wage. Other deductions may include student loans or pension contributions.


At the time of payroll, an FPS report is sent to the HMRC, which includes the employee’s payouts and deductions.
Payments to be paid to the HRMC every month on the 22nd day of each month (by post 19)

Payroll settlements can be set to Weekly, Weekly, or 4-week billing after the pay registration number arrives (at the company’s home address).


At the end of the tax year, the company is required to report annual aggregate payroll data to the company and provide its employees with the P60 annual payroll summary form.
Workers who leave during the year must issue and issue a P45 form with their invoiced wages and taxes deducted.

Entering Employee Registration at

Exit Employee Statement at

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