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English Bank Account Opening

English bank account opening Usually

  • Individuals
  • For Self Employed
  • For companies

1. English bank account opening for individuals

it is a simple process, in the selected bank you have to ask for a bank account opening appointment.


Recommended English Banks:


You have to take with you your:

  • UK home address certificate document (eg NI number letter)
  • 2 Photo Documents

2. For Self Employed

the bank account opening process is much simpler, as you already have a private bank account.

All in all (practically) you need to open another private bank account where the revenues of Self Employed come. (Because it is very important that the self employed’s cash flow is treated separately from the private account.)

3. Corporate bank account opening

Note: If you want to make it easier for us to open a corporate bank account, it’s worthwhile to open a private account with a bank of your choice. If we already have a private bank account with the selected bank, it will be easier for the bank to open the bank account for the company, because it is already “checked out”, it is a well-known customer. In short: We prepare the ground for opening a company account.

(You cannot open a corporate bank account at Halifax Bank, just personal. As Lloyds Bank’s sister bank is, so you need to go to Lloyds Bank to open a company account or open a private account with Llyoyds Bank)


  • 2 person IDs and at least one photo ID
  • England home address certificate


2 IDs

o Passport

o English driving license – in the absence of this, a Hungarian driving license or ID card


Address ID

o Primarily: English driving license – England home address certificate

o If there is no: NI number certificate in the original – Certificate of home address in England, but only if it is for a valid home address.

This may be an official letter with the address. If the NI number has been replaced with a previous home address, it must be changed by calling the HMRC over the phone, asking for a new NI notification, and then popping up the new alert for that address.

o Tenancy Agreement (not accepted by all agents)

Copies of these documents must be sent in advance


Corporate data on corporate letterhead paper

o Company name, home address, company registration number, logo, website and email address, (non-gmail) English landline phone number, mobile number

o Copy of company foundation documents


Documents proving the company’s registration

o Certificate of Business Registration – Certificate of Incorporation.

o Founder letter and Charter of Association and Articles of Association – They are made when the company is registered.

o Shareholders Certificate – Shareholder Certificate. You are about to register your company

  • If you have been in business for a year, then the latest Confirmation Statement. (Our office provides)


Phone number

o An English phone number is required.


Description of the Company’s Activities – Business Plan

o It should be spelled out in word, but it is necessary to arrive at the time with a ready business plan in English. The latter is definitely obligatory if the company calculates a financial conception of more than 50,000 important revenues per year, but if it can be shown by a micro-enterprise, it is definitely a positive sign, showing serious intent. In all cases, this should be given in advance for the request.

In any case, the bank should provide information on how to take the business, who would be its partners, how the business would be carried out, which countries, and about. how much bank turnover you expect. You should be able to show potential prospective partners, prospective clients, with examples, naming the companies, outline a financial plan with capital, planned turnover, revenue, and expenses.


The beginning of the company operation, the expected annual turnover

o If this is the first corporate bank account in the UK, you must tell whether the company has already started operating, present evidence (foreign bank account, cash invoices issued, etc.), if you have a financial transaction in foreign bank accounts, you will be asked what is the reason.

o If you already have an English bank account, your bank account statements for the past 6 months

  • Foreign bank account statements


Personal data of Director (s)

o Passport

o Place of birth, time, marital status, mother’s maiden name, address, country of residence

o Date from which you live at your home address

o For past titles, if your current address is less than 3 years old

o Your current English bank account, if you have any


After a time request, after a personal conversation with the corporate bank manager, there is a chance that he will send the material to the central corporate bank management, who may have further questions. The decision is expected from now on at least two weeks later.

So, having the documents needed for personal identification, documents and other documents proving the operation of the company, the personal meeting is crucial! A bank manager would like to see an entrepreneur living in a living and working life in England, with his partners here, who radiates confidence who can persuade him to start a viable business with the full profile and plans of his own company, and can communicate with them. The bank, especially in the case of corporate bank account opening, is extremely cautious, suspicious, and more typical of the authority than the provider approach, although it is extremely willing, polite and cooperative. So the criteria are given, but whether the bank account is opened is definitely the subjective decision of the bank.

If a positive result is obtained from the personal consultation, the company will open an English bank account with a sort code (3 x 2-digit identifier) ​​and an Account number (8-digit). Outside of England, they can be credited to this account by asking for the SWIFT and IBAN ID numbers. (can be retrieved from your bank account statement and online interface)

Only the Directors may hold the company bank account at all times, and the bank cannot give orders to the owner. The bank account includes a card, a code for the transfer, and a Pinsentry or Card Reader. (this is a utility tool to start a referral)


Upon arrival, the card must be activated in a local vending machine.

If the company has more than one director, each director must be there to open the account.

Money: You may need to deposit money on your account at the moment you open it. (so that no company account number is yet)

This can be 25 pounds – up to 100 pounds, so it’s worth preparing for this. This must be given in person, in cash, to the administrator. (That’s what he gives a paper to take over) He’ll put that amount on our business account.

There is one bank asking for, which is not, but it’s good to know.


At the same time, more and more banks are now proposing to open an account online, and if the bank considers that the company meets their expectations, it will send the bank account details and the bank card within two weeks without any further problems. we are at the branch. (so has it ever happened :-))


For opening a bank account, we can offer you an administrative assistance fee

  • For individuals: £ 60
  • For companies: £ 100


Request an English bank account opening

and ask our help for any financial issues. We are looking forward to contacting you as soon as possible!


Phone: +44 (0) 140 – 337 – 2912;  +44 (0) 7550 – 14 – 1337

Email: info@symfalogic.com

Skype: Symfalogic Corporation


To apply for an English bank account, please fill out the form below:




To continue your order, click the “Customer Gate” (top right, in the menu) link to register an account with your data. You can select the company folder you selected by clicking on the “Shop” button (in the header, on the top left) in your account and then selecting your order by selecting the following payment options:

PayPal> (Steps: Select a Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Choose Payment Method) PayPal> Order (Blue Button)> Enter your PayPal account
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Bank Transfer> (Steps: Select Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Choose Payment Method) Mail in Payment> Order (Blue button) option.
 Use the steps above to balance your order with Symfalogic Corporation.

Once the payment arrives, we will send you a confirmation to verify that the form is correct. As soon as we have received the confirmation of the correctness of the data from you, and the price of the selected folder arrives at us, we will start the process of establishing the company and we will inform you about any further steps.