Annual Account

Annual Account

Annual Account – Annual Report

The companies’ annual accounts are called ‘Statutory Accounts’ and are prepared from the company’s financial statements at the end of the company’s financial year.


The report must include:

– The balance sheet that shows what the company owns and belongs to on the last day of the financial year.
– Profit and Loss Statement, which presents the Company’s sales, operating costs and earnings during the financial year.
– Notes to the accounts
– Director report

(maybe a book review report is required, this depends on the size of the company)


Dormant companies

The company is called Companies House ‘Dormant‘ if there was no significant transaction in the financial year. Sleeping companies that qualify as Small are required to submit Abbreviated Accounts and not have them audited.


Small Businesses – Small Companies

A company is considered a small business if it contains any of the following:

– has a turnover of £ 10.2 million or less
– £ 5.1 million or less of the total
– Less than 50 employees

If your business is small, you need to send shortened invoices to Companies House


Micro Organizations – Micro Entirties

Microtechs are small companies. An enterprise will be a business when it has any of the following 2:

– Carries £ 632 000 or less of traffic
– a balance sheet total of up to 316 thousand pounds
– has a maximum of 10 employees

After the end of the financial year, companies will have to prepare their Annual Accounts and Corporate Tax Returns (Corporation Tax Return – CT 600)


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