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Apply for a Temporary Driving License

Dear Reader! We would like to inform you that for this service on the Home address we provide postal services only to our clients who are already in contact with us with a contract of at least 1 year (using a Home or Bookkeeping Service) or are under contract. Thank you for your understanding!


If you do not already have a license, but want tohave one, apply for a temporary driving license
by filling out the following form.

The temporary license does not entitle you to drive a vehicle in England (however, if a person with a valid license is sitting in the car, the person holding the temporary license can drive the car in the UK. In this case, the person in charge of driving is responsible for the violations of the temporary driver) this is an option to verify the address of unauthorized persons. The English provisional license is valid for 10 years, during which time you have to take on the license.





Fill out the following form and click “Submit”
Create a client gate (or, if already, sign in)
Select Shop> English License> English Temporary Driving License within the client portal
Pay for the service
Confirm your order (via email)
We will send you a form for signature
Send us the form we previously sent for signature
We will send your temporary license to the specified postal address, which is valid for 10 years.
Please note that the deadline for completing your driving license may be up to 2 months!

Application Fee: Ł 120 / piece

Fill out the form below to apply:


To continue your order, click the “Customer Gate” (top right, in the menu) link to register an account with your data. You can select the selected service in your account by clicking on the “Shop” button (in the header, on the top left) and then selecting your order by selecting the following payment options:

PayPal> (Steps: Select a Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Choose Payment Method) PayPal> Order (Blue Button)> Enter your PayPal account
With Credit Card> (Steps: Select Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Choose Payment Method) PayPal> Order (Blue Button)> Pay with Credit Card Option
With Bank Transfer> (Steps: Select Package)> Payment (Green Button)> (Choose Payment Method) Mail in Payment> Order (Blue button) option.
Use the steps above to balance your order with Simfalogic Corporation.

Once the payment arrives, we will send you a confirmation to verify that the form has been filled in correctly. As soon as we have received the confirmation from you about the correctness of the data, the process will be started and information about any further steps.